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Managing in strategic context

5.3 Detailed description of assessment
The assessment for this course consists of two submissions which build upon each other. The Lincoln Electric case study will be used here for both submissions and it will be available on Moodle. The first submission consists of a 1,500 word report. The second submission consists of a 2,000 word report. All work for this course is to be done individually.
Submission Specifications:
Submission 1: (30% of mark) (1,500 word report)
Read the Lincoln Electric case study (available on Moodle) and prepare a report answering the following:
Explain the main features (overall strategy; philosophy; compensation; leadership; communication) of the Lincoln Electric business model and employment system.
Using frameworks/literature of the course discuss how generalisable is the Lincoln business model to other industries?
How generalisable is the Lincoln’s approach to employment and incentive in other countries? Taking into account the Human Resources practices and Incentive System at Lincoln analyse the main stakeholders influencing these practices in India and discuss the challenges faced by the organisation.

Submission 2: (70% of mark) (2,000 words)
Read the Lincoln Electric case study (available on Moodle) and prepare a report answering the following:
Analysis of India’s Expansion
Should Lincoln Electric expand in India by investing in a major facility there? Using frameworks/literature of the course justify your answer with an analysis of the external environment.
Taking into account the lessons learned from expansion into other countries what strategy should Lincoln Electric choose to enter India – an acquisition, a joint venture or building a new plant on its own? Justify your answer.
What challenges you may foresee as a result of your strategic choice? Make recommendations to overcome these challenges.